Surviving And Thriving On The U.S. Digital Grocery Shelf

Grocers and CPG Manufacturers: Competitive Price Intelligence Is Here To Help!

The age of the US digital grocery shelf has arrived – equal parts opportunity and threat for today’s retailers and CPG manufacturers alike. The questions on everyone’s minds are:


The key is to be prepared and to have a strategy for success. Competitive price intelligence systems, like 360pi’s award-winning product suite, help you understand the market by enabling you to:

  • determine what is being sold online and by whom
  • analyze products, categories, and brands
  • take a close look at pack sizing and pricing
  • highlight opportunities and threats on the digital grocery shelf

Kellogg's Online Pack Size Distribution

*360pi online insights for Kellogg’s as at June 19, 2014:

  • 16 Kellogg’s brands (7 categories)
  • 1697 Kellogg’s products
  • 6 retailers, 404 Amazon Marketplace resellers

White Paper: Surviving and Thriving on the U.S. Digital Grocery Shelf

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Includes Honey Nut Cheerios data analysis:
  • Comparison of 17oz (single pack), 21.6oz (2-pack), and 12.25oz (4-pack);
  • Price-Per-Unit analysis of average offline promotional price vs.;
  • Price-Per-Volume analysis of average offline promotion price vs.;
  • Number of grocery stores that carry each pack size - indication of relative popularity.

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