An In Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices

How do Your Pricing Tactics Measure up?

Pricing continues to change the face of retail — for better or worse. Price transparency is still at the core of this revolution, so how are retailers responding?

RSR’s sixth annual retail pricing survey is one of the most anticipated benchmarks of the year. It’s an opportunity for retailers to get answers to their burning pricing questions and measure themselves against hundreds of other retailers who participated.

Tough Love: An In Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices explores the results of the 2013 Pricing Benchmark, and uncovers new ways retailers can improve their pricing and promotion tactics.

Some key areas of focus are:

  • Promotions: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
  • Showrooming: how many retailers report seeing it, and how retail winners are reacting
  • Overcoming organizational barriers to implement more effective pricing practices
  • Technology enablers: what are the latest technologies that retailers are looking at to help them price to win
  • Price Intelligence: discover why 42% of retailers claim to be evaluating this technology to make smarter, more profitable pricing decisions

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